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Due to the consistent growth in business during the past few years, we are delighted to expand our business to a new location. We are opening a new branch in Campbellfield, Melbourne on the 23rd of August 2019.

The new branch in Campbellfield will enable us to respond effectively to the growing needs of our existing Victorian customers, as well as offer alternate choices to the Victorian auto glaziers for the supply of auto glass.

Auto Glass Shop is a distributor of Xinyi Glass (XYG) auto glass products. We are incredibly proud to be supported by XYG whose supply of the highest quality auto glass products will now become available to the Victorian market.

Our locations details are as follows:

76 Killara Road
VIC 3061
Ph: 03 9357 5904
Email: melbourne@autoglassshop.com.au

We look forward to serving your auto glass requirements and hope that we can offer you an alternate option for your auto glass requirements.

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